25 Ways to Boost Creativity


Have you ever struggled with creativity? I know I have. When given the opportunity to come up with something completely original that no one else has thought of before (or a fresh and new take on something)… well, it can be a daunting task!

What about having to be creative on a deadline? That can be an even more daunting task. It’s like forcing the sun to rise in the middle of the night. Forcing it isn’t going to make it rise any sooner!

But good news! When I get stuck in a rut, I’ve found it doesn’t mean I am not creative. It simply means my environment and my routine are not conducive for creativity to flow.

And guess what? That can be changed!! (What a relief!)

Here are a few ideas to help make your day more creative and to let your mind start operating on a more creative level. You’ll be amazed at how a few minor adjustments can make a big difference. (It’s worked for me!)

  1.  Make lists
  2.  Carry a notebook everywhere
  3.  Try free-form writing
  4.  Get away from the computer
  5.  Quit beating yourself up
  6.  Take breaks
  7.  Sing in the shower
  8.  Drink great coffee or amazing loose-leaf tea
  9.  Listen to new music (Spotify anyone?)
  10.  Surround yourself with creative people
  11.  Get feedback
  12.  Collaborate
  13.  Don’t give up!
  14.  Practice. Practice. Practice.
  15.  Allow yourself to make mistakes
  16.  Go somewhere new
  17.  Count your blessings
  18.  Get lots of rest
  19.  Take risks (permission granted!)
  20.  Watch something super funny
  21.  Read a page in the dictionary
  22.  Stop trying to be someone else’s definition/idea of “perfect”
  23.  Clean your work space
  24.  Do something fun
  25.  Finish something!


Now make this declaration with me:

I am a creative being.

I have unique gifts and talents to offer this world that no one else can offer.

I bridge the gap of uncertainty by being myself.

I will continue to press onward to become a better me every day,

so I have even more to offer my friends, my family, and my community.

I am Made For More™!

I make the decision to live my more every day.


I feel more creative already!

How about you?

Are you willing to give these ideas a shot?

If so, let me know how these changes have worked for you in the comments below. 😊

In joyful loving service,








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I’m super excited to dive in! Thank you so much for your encouragement!! 💕

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