A Few Unexpected Heroes


Edna Mode


As you know, we just went through a huge rebranding initiative last December that also included a brand new website.  Aside from all the favorable comments about it, one of the most common questions I get is “Why did you choose those specific “Heroes” on your About page?”

That’s a great question! 🙂

Well, there are so many heroes in my life, and I’ve talked about them a ton – my grandparents, my dad, my brother, my husband, and my children, to name a few. But since there were only a few spots available on this website template, I wanted to choose a few heroes that you haven’t heard me talk about much before. (other posts in this series: Bugs Bunny, Audrey Hepburn, Winston Churchill)

And just for the record, Wonder Woman is my hero (big time!), but she’s not on the website because there’s too much to say about her in a blog or in a small section on my website.

She gets a book! And one is in the works!

Until then, I hope you enjoy this new series where I share a few fun points about each of these inspirational “mentors” and why I love them so much.

This week, I’m going to introduce you to Edna Mode from the animated film, “The Incredibles.”

Edna Mode

I love Edna because she is my alter ego in many ways and I call on her when what I do needs to be a tad more sassy. 🙂

Here are a few cool facts about Edna and why I resonate with her

  • Edna is half Japanese and half German.
    • I’m a mix too!
    • In fact, aren’t we all a mix of something wonderful? 🙂 That’s why so many people are getting their DNA testing done lately. It’s fascinating and totally marvelous to discover all the different blends of amazing heritages we have inside each one of us.
    • We are more alike than we realize.
  • She speaks with a mixed accent.
    • Don’t we all talk a little funny?
    • But in all seriousness, here’s what I mean. Let’s take the English language for example. People around the world speak English in their own way – with their own accents. Even in our own country, depending on where you live, words are pronounced quite a bit differently.
    • The important thing to remember is, whether it’s a different accent or a different language or culture altogether, to enjoy our unique heritages and find creative ways to communicate and understand one another.
  • She calls people she works with, “dahling.”
    • I call those closest to me, “sweetie,” or “honey.” It’s a term of endearment. And when I call someone by these terms, what I’m saying is, you are close to my heart, I care for you, and you are dear and valuable to me.
    • What terms of endearment do you have for loved ones? Tell me about them in the Comments section! I’d love to hear what they are 🙂
  • She doesn’t look like what you may think someone in her position should look like, but she’s perfect as “Edna” and powerful regardless of what others may say.
    • This is true for us too! There’s no need to compare, compete or condemn one another. Let’s just be our best “you and me” possible and celebrate others as they work hard to be the best “them” they can be, too!
  • She dresses superheroes!
    • I SOOOO love this!
    • I “suit up” heroes every day too! I call forward seemingly “ordinary” people to their true potential and their true calling, also! It’s an honor to be able to see the gold in “everyday” people and to call out their heroic qualities.
    • Together, let’s be “gold-diggers!” Instead of digging up “dirt,” or listening to gossip about someone else, let’s dig for the gold in them! Let’s use our mouths to speak life-giving words in each other.
  • She’s helped all kinds of superheroes.
    • We too can help others regardless of their unique qualities, abilities, giftings, and callings.
  • Every superhero knows her – and she knows them.
    • What do people know you for? Your work ethics? Character? Kindness? Generosity?
    • Do people know you for being someone who helps others?
    • And do you keep your eyes open to see whom you can help?
    • We can all help someone.
  • She knows her gifts and doesn’t apologize for them.
    • Yes!! I love this, too!
    • No more being small to make people around you feel better! Plus, how can people who really “get it” possibly feel good about you being small, anyway? That’s so weird! No one wins playing this game.
    • Accept, own, love and live your gifts.
    • See, call forth, love and celebrate other people’s gifts.
  • She’s intelligent! She knows what works and what doesn’t work.
    • Brilliant!
    • Edna studies everything she needs to know to be relevant and ahead of the curve. She’s up with the latest in technology, science, world trends, and she knows style! This all makes so much sense!
    • And what I love about the style part is that we can set our own styles or trends, create our own unique flair, and show our panache while being a world-changer 🙂
  • She didn’t care who liked her and who didn’t.
    • Edna wasn’t driven by public opinion. Not everyone loved her – or liked her! And not everyone is going to love or like us either, no matter how marvelous we are! That’s just the way life is.
    • The good news is that we don’t have to care! Either they do or they don’t, and that’s totally okay. There’s an old saying, “What you think of me is none of my business.” (Terry Cole Whitaker).
    • We’re not meant to be people-pleasers! We’re meant to shine and to do our own thing!
  • Not everyone had access to Edna
    • And not everyone should have access you or me, either.
    • Boundaries are important. Discernment is important. And having the wisdom to know whom to work with (or not) and for how long, is important.
  • All the superheroes respected her.
    • They needed her and trusted her to make things happen so they can be safe and protected.
    • Do you appreciate, respect to your boss? Your boss is someone that works hard to make things happen so you are financially safe – that is, you always have a paycheck when you’re supposed to be paid.
    • Do you say thank you? Often? Sometimes, we just “expect” our bosses to keep taking care of us and to pay for things, etc. But entrepreneurs take huge risks (and heavy burdens that you don’t even know about). They’re the ones what get paid last, but their employees, consultants – and all the other bills get paid first. So, again, do you say thank you?
    • One of the things that most irks me is “entitlement” and selfishness. Seriously.
    • You can never go wrong saying “thank you.” In fact, say it often.
    • You can never go wrong living with a grateful heart.
  • She knew her expertise and stayed in her wheelhouse.
    • Edna didn’t try to be a fisherman, a horse trainer, a doctor or a school teacher.
    • She knew what her gifting was, what her calling was, and she dedicated herself to be a master at it.
    • The same principle can apply to us, too. The ones who need your expertise will find you, and they’ll do whatever it takes to work with you.
  • She said “yes,” to the things she knew was important and in alignment to her purpose, and she said “no” to everything else.
    • This was a particularly huge lesson for me. I needed to learn when to say “yes,” and when to say “no,” too.
    • This wasn’t just saying “yes” and “no” to things and projects, but also to certain people in my life. It’s not easy saying “no” to someone you love, but if they only demonstrate dishonor (and abuse), then no matter how difficult it is, let them go.
    • I wrote about this in more detail in my blog, Shift Happens. Take a look and see if this resonates with you also.
  • She doesn’t believe in capes.
    • Me neither! 🙂 Capes are for flash and attention.
    • I believe we are all called to do extraordinary things – to fulfill our purpose and to help others fulfill theirs. We’re not here to elevate our egos. We’re not here to bring flash and attention to ourselves, or what we do. Sometimes, the greatest heroes are the ones who quietly help, protect, encourage and lift others up without fanfare, media attention, or awards.
    • Let’s be a community of heroes that champion other heroes!
    • Let’s be a community of heroes without capes!


Up, up and away!


In joyful loving service,


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My favorite blog so far! I love your fun, creative side and the way you just managed to give some very helpful and important tips by COMPARING YOURSELF TO A CARTOON! I’ll have to think about which cartoon character is my hero and why…

My favorite blog so far! I love your fun, creative side and the way you just managed to give some very helpful and important tips by COMPARING YOURSELF TO A CARTOON! I’ll have to think about which cartoon character is my hero and why…

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