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Audrey Hepburn | PART 2


Hi and welcome back to Part 2 about Audrey Hepburn in our A Few Unexpected Heroes series. (See other posts in this series: Edna Mode, Bugs Bunny, Winston Churchill)

This week, we’re going to continue talking about the beautiful lessons I learned about life through Audrey Hepburn. If you missed it, here is Part One.


Audrey Hepburn

Part 2

  • During one of her films, she broke her back in a horse-riding scene (“The Unforgiven”).
    • In spite of what she went through as a child, and in spite of all the long hours she worked, even with a broken back, she remained
    • Nothing could stop her. She was resilient and always stood tall.
    • You too can remain unbroken regardless of what you’ve experienced. No matter what has been thrown at you, hold your head high, stand tall, and keep on being brilliant 🙂
  • She saved a friend’s life over and over again from many suicide attempts.
    • There are times when the people who need the most help are the ones we love the most.
    • Helping others almost always involves sacrifice – it’s inconvenient, it’s frequent, it takes time, it doesn’t make sense, it’s frustrating, it’s sad, it’s exhausting…but it’s always worth it. They’re worth it. 🙂
  • She was an award winning actress, model, ballerina, and humanitarian.
    • Life is so unpredictable. She went from nobility to poverty, to humble beginnings, and then to fame and riches. But her greatest success was her work with UNICEF and helping children. She donated her salaries from her last few movie projects to UNICEF.
    • What is your storyline so far?
    • Remember, there are still many chapters still left to write. How do you want to write it? What do you want to be known for?
    • How would you define “success?”
  • She was multi-lingual – speaking 5 languages (English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German and Italian) fluently.
    • I’ve met lots of people who grew up in Europe and speaking multiple languages is a “given” since all the countries are so close together.
    • I’ve never lived in Europe, but I grew up with a multi-lingual father and a family who also spoke many languages. I can speak 5 conversationally but have always wanted to speak 10 languages! Why? Because I’m fascinated by how language was formed and how humans communicate to one another.
    • Do you speak more than 1 language?
    • Do you have an instinctive ability to learn languages and can speak several of them?
    • Maybe you’re like me and learned multiple languages because you were raised in a multi-cultural home.
    • Maybe you studied Linguistics and have learned how to speak multiple languages.
    • Or maybe you’re like some of my friends who speak one language but have mastered how to order food in other languages 🙂
    • There are also other kinds of languages – sign language, non-verbal communication, and “Love Languages” (https://www.amazon.com/Love-Languages-Secret-that-Lasts/dp/080241270X/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1523834972&sr=8-3&keywords=5+love+languages)
    • Regardless of what language you speak, or how many languages you speak, we can all speak the universal language of kindness. After all, if one picture can speak 1000 words, one act of kindness can speak infinitely more.
  • She knew how to reach the multitudes with her gifts and talents.
    • What are some of the ways you use your gifts and talents to touch others?
    • What kind of work do you do? How do you connect and communicate with people?
  • She was humble. Here are a few of her quotes:
    • “I never thought I’d land in pictures with a face like mine.”
    • “I never thought of myself as an icon. What is on other people’s minds is not in my mind. I just do my thing.”
    • “I probably hold the distinction of being one movie star who, by all laws of logic, should never have made it. At each stage of my career, I lacked the experience.”
  • Have you noticed that when someone is authentically humble, they’re so much more beautiful than pride (ego) and arrogance?
  • She was the “muse” for fashion designer, Hubert de Givenchy. He dressed her for many films and everyone who knew them both said they were destined to meet each other. Audrey was perfect for his designs, and he was the perfect designer for her. They became dear friends for life.
    • Do you have someone you work with that just “fits” you perfectly and vice versa?
    • Embrace this “fun-tastic” relationship. Find fun and fantastic ways to stretch each other so your gifts grow and shine more brilliantly. Be each other’s cheerleader and champion each other’s dreams.
    • What friends do you do life with that “fits” you perfectly and vice versa? Embrace this precious gift of and seek different ways to bless each other’s lives more and more every day.
    • For me, my friend, Amy, is one of these heaven sent friends.
      • My precious Amy texts me every morning with prayers and verses that blesses me beyond words. She also sings to me in voicemails 🙂
      • She sets her phone alarm to sound every hour on the hour so she can stop what she’s doing and pray for me.
      • She champions me, speaks life over me, and sings over me morning, noon and night (literally and figuratively)!
      • My wins are her wins. My success is her success. She is jubilant when good things come my way and not ever, not even for a nano-second does she compare, compete or complain.
      • She loves me fully, authentically and unconditionally, and she takes my breath away with her generosity of heart and kindness.
      • I call her MBA – My Beloved Amy. 🙂
      • I have never had a friend like Amy and every day, I thank God for her.
      • These are the “one-in-a-million” friendships that are worthy to be nurtured, sacrificed for, and cherished.
      • Would you please, please, please write and tell me all about some of your great friendships?
    • The last fun and uncanny point about Audrey and Givenchy is this: I have also admired Givenchy’s couture greatly. For over 25 years, I have had (and still have) several of his outfits, dresses, shoes and handbags. But the one item I’ve consistently worn all this time is his perfume. Not only do I love the fragrance, everyone everywhere always tell me they love the fragrance. 🙂

In closing, Audrey’s iconic style was not just in fashion. She was an icon for how to do life. She was a standard and a legacy of grace, beauty, class, elegance and dignity. She mobilized her position and her influence to help others in need.

I’ll end with something she once said that beautifully sums up what it is to know you’re Made For More.

 “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, I’m possible!

A bientot!


In joyful loving service,


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I love this! I’ve always tried to have the grace of Princess Diana or Jackie Kennedy, having never known much about Audrey Hepburn. Maybe I’ll have to add her to my inspiration list, which you’re on, by the way! At the very least, I’ve got to have a pink tiara!


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