A Few Unexpected Heroes


Bugs Bunny


Hi! And welcome back to part 2 of my A Few Unexpected Heroes blog series!

Last week, I introduced you to one of my heroes, Edna Mode, from the animated movie, “The Incredibles.”

This week, I’m going to introduce you to my friend, Bugs Bunny. 🙂

When I was a little girl, I longed for Saturday mornings because that’s when Looney Tunes, my favorite cartoon TV show, came on. I loved this show because it made me laugh and I could forget everything going on in my world for 30 minutes.

If you grew up in the 60’s and early 70’s you would remember Looney Tunes. There have been updated versions of the show since then, but to me, the story lines were weak, the wit of Bugs Bunny was dulled, and well, they just weren’t funny anymore.

The Bugs Bunny I knew was hilarious and had many friends. Maybe you’ll remember them – Daffy Duck, Foghorn Leghorn, Sylvester, Tweety Bird, Tasmanian Devil, Porky Pig, Marvin the Martian, Pepe le Pew, Elmer Fudd, Speedy Gonzales, Granny, Wile E. Coyote, Witch Hazel, Miss Prissy, Penelope the cat, Petunia, Henry Hawk, Beaky Hawk, Pete Puma, Cecil Turtle, Hector the bulldog, Road Runner, Claude Cat, and more.

Even as I type these names, memories of some of my favorite episodes come to mind and I find myself smiling again.

Yes, that’s what friends do – they make you smile and laugh.

Let’s get started.

Bugs Bunny

Other than making me laugh, why else do I love Bugs Bunny so much? Because he embodies the fun and the mischievous part of me.  I call on Bugs when I need to be “intelligently” cheeky, especially when I find myself in unexpected and curious situations. 🙂

Here are a few lessons I learned from Bugs

  • As I mentioned, he’s smart, playful, witty, hilarious, and mischievous.
    • It’s great that we’re all smart and responsible, but wouldn’t you agree, our playful, witty, hilarious and sometimes mischievous parts of our personality are what’s most charming? 🙂
    • Don’t you find that people who are authentically witty and funny (not staged, forced, “canned,” cruelly sarcastic, etc) are more attractive? That is, they are more likeable and you enjoy being in their company.
    • Have you also noticed our hearts soften when we smile or laugh? We also become less anxious and more optimistic. Laughing also opens our minds (our thinking). After a good laugh, we see things differently; our situations don’t seem so heavy. This new perspective allows us to be more creative, and we discover solutions to issues we’ve never been able to see before.
    • One of the best gifts we can give to ourselves – and to one another is the gift of laughter.
    • Life is too short. Being able to laugh at situations, especially to laugh at ourselves, is an essential “virtue” for a joyful long life.
    • Let’s not take ourselves so seriously all the time.
    • As the saying goes, “lighten up.” 🙂
  • Bugs knows how to play and work with his friends.
    • We need to learn how to play and work better with our friends, too!
    • There will always be opportunities to disagree, and unexpected situations will always come up. That’s life. The key is to learn to agree to disagree, making sure the relationship is always the focus and the prize.
  • He is warm and friendly when meeting new “people,” while learning how to understand their special (and sometimes unusual) qualities, too.
    • When meeting someone new, wouldn’t it be so wonderful if we took the time to understand them? What are they really trying to say? What’s behind the words they’re using?
    • In our technologically dominant world, we have mastered “high-tech,” but lag (even fail) at “high touch.” It would be a game-changer for relationships if we could find a way to reverse this.
  • He was flexible and agreeable, knowing exactly when to go along with his friends, and how far.
    • Bugs had boundaries. He knew when to disagree, and when to run the other way if he had to!
    • How are your boundaries? Do you know when to leave a toxic conversation, situation…or person?!
  • When bad things happened, he got creative.
    • Bugs made the most of his situations and did whatever he could to overcome challenges.
    • We can learn how to do this better for ourselves, too.
  • He wasn’t greedy.
    • He had a few friends who were, but even when tempted, Bugs knew his limits.
    • It would be so amazing if we all knew our weaknesses, and how to “exit stage right” when the temptation is too great.
  • He had friends who caused a lot of problems, and when he saw them coming, he kept his distance.
    • We have to know who “good” friends are and who “bad” friends are. Unlike cartoon characters who never get hurt, we do get hurt – and it lasts a long time, even a lifetime. So, if your world is filled with bad company, get away from them. And if you can’t do that on your own, get help.
    • Now, here’s a tough question: how would you categorize yourself? That is, would you be considered bad company or good company?
  • He was often surrounded by a lot of Looney
    • Aren’t we all 🙂
    • And wouldn’t our friends say the same thing about us? 🙂
    • But in all seriousness, if you have fun friends – great!
    • If YOU are a fun friend, even better!
    • And if you can all laugh together, then that’s the best! When my friends get together, we still laugh our heads off reminiscing certain experiences – even though they happened 20 or 30 years ago!
    • Sometimes, it’s good to be a little “looney!” It’s good to think and play outside of the box.

I know times are very different now than when I was growing up, but these lessons are still applicable today.

Please don’t hurt yourself or anyone else (hahhaa), but be silly. Be playful. Be mischievous. Be a little nutty. How can you allow yourself to be a bit more playful and creative today?

Will you allow yourself to be a little Looney 🙂

“Th-th-th-the…that’s all folks!”

See you next week!


In joyful loving service,


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