Manna for Life is a vibrant community of visionaries who embrace the truth that they are Made for More – and aren’t afraid to live it!

We’re a gathering place that is the flint to your dreams becoming a reality.
We’re story-makers and storytellers.
We believe that vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness.
We believe that your past is your platform.
We inspire and equip others to share their creativity, brilliance and beauty with the world.
We’re bold in our uniqueness and courageous in owning it and living it.
We’re fun and believe laughing-snorts are mandatory, like amazing coffee, warm bread, and 70% dark chocolate.
We are a movement of love, hope, and possibility.
We celebrate your matchless design.
We know that I am…you are…we are…Made for More


You are the only person who can define what more means for you.

Maybe your more is creating and sharing your art, tapping into your innovative ideas and becoming an entrepreneur, home-schooling your children, or becoming a leader in your faith community. We’re here to not only help you discover your authentic “you,” (not an imitation of anyone else, or what an advertisement or magazine tells you to be), we provide you with clarity on your giftings, how to express them in your daily life, and how to share them in genuine relationships in a healthy community.

Once you’ve discovered what your more is, you get to respond to the invitation of a lifetime –  to step into it and to own it!

Taking ownership of your calling is exhilarating! Why? Because once you do, you’ll start to see any limited thinking and trivial interruptions that may have diverted you before. And from this place of knowing, you’ll find your grit, your gumption, and the grace to live the life you were designed for. Say goodbye to smallness. You’re bigger, better, bolder and braver than you know! You’ve got this and this is your time!

There is no-one else who can contribute to the world like you can.

When you express yourself in all the ways that is meaningful to you, you inspire others to do the same. You see, your more is not only for you, it’s for others, too! Imagine your world filled with people living in their fullest expression, inspiring and coming along side of others to do the same! You’re not being selfish when you go after your dreams. Being small and hidden serves no one. Being big and bright serves everyone.


Manna is a storyteller, believer, “Mannafester”, speaker, dog & animal lover, laughing-snort seeker, BHAG lady, warrior and dreamer.

One of her rare gifts is the ability to see people’s one-of-a-kind calling – and to know exactly how to help them step into that promise. If you find her looking at you a little longer than a passing glance, she’s admiring the gold in you!

Manna has a diverse field of experience as an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and counsellor. She has a PhD in Philosophy, an MA in Psychology, and her greatest achievement is earning her “S.I.T” – being a “Servant in Training”. She has authored numerous articles, papers, curricula and over a dozen books, including her autobiographical novel Made for More. She travels around the world teaching, speaking, and training people in catalytic thinking and breakthrough with her workshops and events.

She is a fierce, fun-loving, and compassionate modern-day wonder woman who lives a grateful life in San Diego with her family and furmily (because dogs are people, too). 🙂 

Get ready to have some fun when you work with Manna, and get ready to step into your extraordinary purpose!

Some  of  our  HEROES
Edna Mode
She’s Manna's alter ego in many ways. 😉 We call on Edna when what we do needs to be a little more sassy!
Bugs Bunny
He embodies the fun (and yes, the mischievous) part of Manna For Life. We call on Bugs when we need to be “intelligently” cheeky.
Audrey Hepburn
We call on Audrey when we need an extra flare of grace and elegance in challenging situations.
Winston Churchill
We call on Sir Winston Churchill when we know it’s time to win, step in and do the impossible, even when everyone around you doesn’t believe you – or like you.