Find Your Rest


Have you heard of StrengthsFinders?


It’s a very insightful assessment that reveals your core strengths. This assessment helps you identify the areas you naturally do your best in – essentially what your greatest talents are – and gives you ideas on how to develop them. They have 34 different strengths listed in powerful categories. If you want to learn more about them, CLICK HERE. 


I’ve written about StrengthsFinders before, and have shared what my strengths are, but what I didn’t write about was how I “rest.”


For anyone looking from the outside in, it appears that I don’t rest. In fact, people often ask me, “Do you ever rest?”  From their standpoint, I just keep going – working, building, creating…and working, building, creating…and repeat.


And, they’re pretty accurate . It’s true! I do work a lot and I love building and creating new things. But I do this because I love it; it’s a part of my nature. Yes, sometimes, I overdo it, especially when things come up out of the blue and you’re suddenly needing to be like, “game on!” to address these unexpected “projects.” That said, even as I try my best to manage all my projects, I’ve also come to realize that my “rest” just looks differently than how other people “rest.”


Some people “rest” by sun tanning at the beach, sleeping or napping, or going for long bike rides. And some people love to get away, go on day trips or vacations.


Some of you don’t see going away for a weekend as restful. It’s stressful!


Some of you love to nap because you see it as rejuvenating. But for others, it’s frustrating.


We all get our “rest” in unique ways.


Another thing I realized is that I don’t think there is a “be all and catch all” to resting. Plus, I think our definition of rest will look differently depending on the seasons of our lives.


When I was younger, suntanning at the beach was restful. Now, it’s boring and I’m antsy in less than 5 minutes.

Similarly, when I was younger, the idea of reading lots of books was the farthest thing from my mind. I already had so many to read, study and write huge papers about. But now, I luvvvvvvvv reading and usually have at least 5 books going at the same time.


My point is this: we all rest uniquely. So, in this summer season, while your family or friends think it would be a great idea to go away on a huge camping trip with 5 other families, and this isn’t your cup of tea, then find ways to “rest” while you’re on this trip.


Think about what would nourish you from a productive week/season and enjoy doing that. Don’t worry that your unique “rest” looks different from others.


Just simply follow your heart and “rest.”





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