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Manna for Life is a vibrant community of visionaries who embrace the truth that they are Made for More 

and aren’t afraid to live it!

The Made For More™ Membership is for people like you who are dedicated to being their best selves and living their best lives. Your membership provides you with the tools, strategies, and guidance to help you find your true purpose in life. You are made for more – we’re here to help you discover just what that means for you.

Meet Manna

Manna is a storyteller, believer, “Mannafester”, speaker, dog & animal lover, laughing-snort seeker, BHAG lady, warrior and dreamer. One of her rare gifts is the ability to see people’s one-of-a-kind calling – and to know exactly how to help them step into that promise.

Manna has a diverse field of experience as an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and counsellor. She has a PhD in Philosophy, an MA in Psychology, and her greatest achievement is earning her “S.I.T” – being a “Servant in Training”. She has authored numerous articles, papers, curricula and over a dozen books, including her autobiographical novel Made for MoreShe travels around the world teaching, speaking, and training people in catalytic thinking and breakthrough with her workshops and events.

Get ready to have some fun when you work with Manna, and get ready to step into your extraordinary purpose!


Membership Levels

*Each tier requires a 3 month minimum membership because we are all about relationships and nourishing them well. 😇
To our amazing non-USA resident friends: I regret that shipping costs must be borne by you. However, if you attend one of my events within 1 year of your membership registration, not only will I give you these gifts personally with a huge hug ❤️ 🤗, I will give you an ADDITIONAL 10% discount to all my other products at the event. This could mean either a total of 25% discount or a 35% discount to you, depending on your membership tier. Simply email us to let us know which event you’re coming to, and we will take care of this for you. 😊

Kind Words

“Manna is an amazing speaker and trainer that has the unique ability to help you understand the root of the issue that is holding you back. She has a transparent style that is highly engaging, as she draws out of you exactly what you need to get the breakthrough you need in your life and to accomplish all that you desire. I would highly recommend Manna’s program to anyone who wants a breakthrough so that you can get to the next level in your personal and professional development.”

– Sherry W., Los Angeles, Ca

“Dear Manna – thank you, thank you, thank you! I had a profound experience working with you. I really feel like a new person! It’s difficult to explain, but I know that YOU KNOW what I mean! Manna, you are a very special person. Thank you for being in my life!”

– Terry N., Thousand Oaks, Ca

20. “Dearest Manna – you are very special, indeed! My life has changed so much for the better and you are a significant part of it. Your loving devotion for uplifting we humans is an inspiration. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me.”

– Ruth P., Newport Beach, Ca