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Hi friends!

Not too long ago, I was asked to be a guest on a brilliant lady’s podcast.  Her name is Erin Weidemann ( She’s a best selling author, entrepreneur, and a treasured friend.

At the end of Podcast, she closed by asking me an unexpected question:

“If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?”

I had never been asked that question before, but apparently that didn’t matter. Without missing a beat, out of my mouth flew 2 words: Mind Control.

I didn’t say flying, the ability to be invisible, have amazing strength, be lighting fast, throw fireballs, or even to have a magic wand. I said mind control.

Why? Because it seems like the world is losing its mind! And my super power will help us find it back again!

I wouldn’t need a cape, a fancy costume, weapons, planes, trains, or automobiles. I’d just wink, and voila! People would stop thinking crazy! 

This isn’t about censorship. It’s about thinking rightly – that is, to think well. To think logically. To speak calmly and respectfully. To be kind, honest and vulnerable in our conversations and in our everyday “beingness.” To be less prideful and more humble. To have the courage to extend (and to ask for) forgiveness. To be teachable. To be honorable. To be generous-hearted. To think big. To dream. To dream bigger…and to dream bigger still.

On the one hand, humans are super smart and there are geniuses of all ages everywhere! We use our minds well in focused attention to tasks, assignments, problem solving, projects, inventions and so on.

It’s nothing for a chef, a brain surgeon, a research scientist, a writer, an artist, or a Top Gun in the Air Force, to do their thing! And the rest of us are in awe of their giftings, skills and dedication to excellence.

We us our minds to create life-changing inventions and all kinds of masterpieces every day, but our lives aren’t just about doing things and building things. Our lives are also about being effective humans and building lasting meaningful relationships.

We don’t live alone on an island with “stuff.”

We live on a beautiful big blue planet with people. Lots of people. And no matter how masterful we are with things, we haven’t yet mastered our greatest purpose – to be loving, and to have meaningful and healthful relationships with each other (and with ourselves).

Somehow, our mind loses its genius capacity when it comes to relationships. We say and do and the craziest things to each other, and even worse things to ourselves.

How does this happen? Because we just don’t think about what we’re saying and doing!

There’s an old familiar saying: “What you think about, you talk about. What you talk about, you bring about. So what are you thinking about?”

Unfortunately, we don’t apply this great adage often enough. Whether we’re in a conversation between two people, or in global communications via TV, film, and social media, we act more like mindless robots than human beings who have fabulous minds.

We robotically repeat patterns. We react. We take a small bit of information, manufacture meaning out of it and create a whole story about it. We carelessly believe whatever is told to us and pass on the mess to others. From word curses spoken over us as children, to gossip, to lies, to fake news.


But my superpower can change this!

With a wink, people would start using their minds and asking themselves some questions. Questions like:

  • What am I believing right now?
  • And because of my belief system, how does that affect what I’m perceiving right now?
  • And because of my belief system affects what I’m perceiving, how does that affect what I’m giving and receiving right now?

Said another way: What you believe affects how you perceive which affects what you receive.

Now, we’re talkin’!

And now we can start having some good conversations because we’d be on the same page! We’d stop blasting each other because we’d realize we weren’t all watching the same game! It’s as silly as applying football rules to a golf game. If we don’t first understand what game we’re talking about, the commentaries are ridiculous.

“Come now, and let us reason together.” Isaiah 1:18 NKJV

Furthermore, with a wink, people would also see the truth and the gloriousness of our design, and we’d stop hurting each other!

With a wink, everyone would know that just 1 of our DNA molecules contains enough information to fill a 1 million page Encyclopaedia – that’s about 1000 books for only 1 of our molecules!  

Do you remember the Encyclopaedia Britannica? It was one of the greatest resources we have of categorized information. One 23 volume Encylopaedia Britannica has approximately 25,000 pages. But ONE of our DNA molecules can fill over a MILLION-page encyclopedia! And if only one piece of our DNA information was to be read every second, non-stop, 24-7, it would take over 100 years to finish!

But wait! There’s more!

With a wink, I’d ensure everyone would know the scientific studies showing how our DNA codes translate perfectly into musical notes.

Yes, I said musical notes. Do you know what this means?

This means that each and everyone of us is a walking, talking, original, unique, distinct, unprecedented, matchless symphony!!!

It’s amazing!

Tell me more, you say?


In these scientific studies, participants were asked to listen to many different symphonies. Everyone enjoyed the different pieces enough, but when they heard their own symphony (which was randomly placed in between the others), they not only recognized THEIR SONG immediately, they wept at its beauty, magnificence and splendor.


I believe if we could only “GET” this, then we’d be kinder and more compassionate to one another.

So, how do I see my superpower being applied in daily life?

Well, if I saw anyone imposing, forcing and/or trying to hurt someone else, with a wink, that would all change. There would be no more of this embarrassing, mocking, shaming, judging, blaming, and attacking each other kind of nonsense. With a wink, we’d simply stop, and hear each other’s symphonies.

And if a bad guy wanted to use his super powers against me, I’d simply give him a wink, and soon, we’d be sitting down enjoying a glass of ice tea and listening to great music together.

Up, up and away!





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