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Experience Manna’s unique ability to unlock hidden truths, inspire creativity, uncover personal destiny, and cultivate powerful leaders. When you experience Manna’s coaching and hear her speak, you will be engaged, stretched, and inspired.
Craig & Suzanne C.
San Diego, Ca

“Wow! My life has been radically changed through your overflowing love and encouragement! Thank you so much for your open arms to me and to all of us at KWA/our class. You are an amazing example to all of us. Your teaching is so rich and full of real, practical things we can implement, but the most helpful and life changing thing is your spiritual authority. I come in thinking one way and I go out changed and I’ll never go back. Heaven backs you up! And heaven in you flows out and we are filled. May the Lord give you MANY special blessings that you know are His celebrating His delight in you!”

Terry N.  
Thousand Oaks, Ca

“Dear Manna – thank you, thank you, thank you! I had a profound experience at your conference. I really feel like a new person! It’s difficult to explain, but I know that YOU KNOW what I mean! Manna, you are a very special person. Thank you for being in my life!”

Connie F.  
San Diego, Ca

“Hi Manna! I just wanted to drop you a note following an amazing weekend conference. Thank you for the elegance and intention by which you brought the event and its attendees together. The gathering was one of such a new octave!!! And by the end of the workshop, I felt a wholeness and hope that I have not felt with over 200 strangers ever! Thank you for listening to your heart and making it happen!”

Jill P.
Seattle, Wa

“You are a fabulous speaker and a true inspiration.  I enjoyed your workshop very much.  You awakened my spirit, which has been asleep for over 2 years, and now I’m motivated to take care of myself better.  Thank you for educating me on so many things that have held me back from achieving my goals for so many years.”  

Karen N.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Dear Manna – thank you for the wonderful presentation you did for us.  It was powerful!  You are warm, loving, and powerful, all at the same time.  Thank you for you’re your classes and the phone sessions. I’m on my way!” 

Becky M.
Kansas City, Missouri

“Words cannot express my heartfelt gratitude to you.  After listening to you speak, I found the courage to do some of the things I had always feared.  I was impressed and touched by your boldness and unashamed excitement about talking about God.  But you did so in front of a group of 500 people and you did it so eloquently, so meaningfully, and so poignantly.  Everyone around my table and in the surrounding tables were very moved, and many of us had tears in our eyes.  Thank you for getting us back on focus to what is truly important in our lives, and from this platform, we have a stronger foundation to build our future to help others.  Yes, God bless you, Manna Ko!!”  

John H.
Los Angeles, Ca

“Thanks again for the glorious, life changing weekend.  I’m the bearded, tied-died guy whose wife decided to register at the last minute on Friday evening, and so happy that she did.  Thanks for helping us work that out and for helping us work ‘together’ again!”