Livin' La Vida Loca


Livin’ La Vida Loca – Do you guys remember this song by Ricky Martin?

“Are you kidding?!” you say, “I’m singing the song right now…Livvvin la veeeda low-ca!”

Well, if for some reason you don’t know it, this song was a huge hit when it came out in 1999 about a wild and crazy woman and her wild and crazy life – hence the song title, “La Vida Loca,” which means…you guessed it…“the crazy life” in Spanish.

We don’t have to live like the lyrics of that song to know that life can be a little crazy – even a lot crazy!

Maybe that’s why Mark Twain coined the phrase, “Truth is better than fiction.”

Yes, life is a great adventure all by itself, and we each have our own “crazy life” stories. So crazy in fact, that I bet you’ve  said more than once, “I ought to write a book!” And if you’ve not said it, then your friends have told you, “You need to write a book!”


“In order to write about life first you must live it.”

Ernest Hemingway



When are you going to write your book?

“Whatcha talkin’ about Willis?”

You know what I’m talkin’ about

“But I can’t write a book!” You protest.

Well, how about writing a short story or a blog using certain experiences or memories from your life instead?

And if that’s still not going to fly, how about telling some of your stories? Whether it’s at a family event, at Sunday night dinner, or at the park with some friends – start sharing some of your experiences with others.

Maybe it’s a funny situation with your siblings, a sweet memory with your grandparents, the time your teacher/coach said the “one thing” that encouraged you to do better, how you and your spouse met, what you learned not to do on a cruise, and how you made your breakthroughs look so easy 🙂

You see, if you didn’t share your stories and show others how you overcame, then all your trials would be in vain.


Because one of the great purposes of our trials is to help others overcome.

We’re to help lift one another up and to be strong shoulders for others to stand on.

You’re blessing others with insight and wisdom. You’re giving others hope and courage. AND…in return for your gifts of encouragement, they have a chance to love you more deeply.

That’s the fun thing about life – when we give, we get back so much more than we expect. And that is also how community works. We get to be a part of something special where you are known, loved, and belong.

Don’t worry about your mistakes. We’ve all “been there, done that.”

Mistakes and failures are the polishing agents to our souls. Just as each lesson has helped you, your lessons can help someone else become more brilliant too. Each mountain you’ve overcome can give someone hope that they too can be a successful rock climber and be free 🙂 And each time you share your story, not only do you feel known, but they will too…maybe for the first time.

As they know and marvel at you, they will know and marvel at themselves. They will love themselves.

And they will forgive themselves.

So, stop hiding your wings (or your capes), and start letting the special people in your world know a little bit more about you!

And just like we did when we were little, let’s set a part of our day for “story time!!”

Can’t wait to read it! Love you!





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