Meet Manna Ko - San Diego Voyager


I was interviewed recently by a wonderful San Diego magazine, featuring “…San Diego’s most inspiring stories…!”

It was sooo much fun! We chatted about my story,, my love for our city, doggies, and More! (Of course, there is always “more”!) 😊😁😍

You can read the entire interview here: SDVoyager

It was an honor to be included on SDVoyager and I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!








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What seems to be effortless perfection as you gingerly and blatantly tell your costly truth to your journey is powerful….who knew the strength of spirit in you except God even when you felt your weakest. Perfume is costly and distinctive like you and although there must b a crushing to create it the end results can be heavenly just like you. You my friend are a champion and always were “Made for More”. Always watching, always praying and always greatful for you.

Dear Debra,

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! I believe in you!



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