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If you’ve been following me at all through social media, attending my workshops and events, and/or have worked with me, then you’ll know I’m the very proud, honored, and grateful-to-God mom of my son, Michael.

We have gone through a lot together, and as a single mom for most of his life, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, that makes me happier than to know he’s happy.

One of the things I often used to tell him is that when he’s happy, I’m a million times happier; and when he’s sad, I’m a gazillion times sadder.

Such is the life of a mom who loves her child.

After a few bumpy spots, he has now stepped into his rhythm. He’s thriving and making great contributions to our world in remarkable and unexpected ways.

He’s a highly sought after photographer and videographer (more like a cinematographer because of his tremendous gift for story-telling); and if a picture says 1000 words, then his ability to capture life in either still photography or in “moving photography” (videography/cinematography), will speak volumes.

Yes, I know this sounds like I’m bragging, but I’m speaking “the facts and only the facts.” ☺

If I were to write all the things I’m so proud of him for, you’d be reading this blog for years.

So, okay, I wasn’t bragging before, but now I will brag a little. Here are the top 4 things I’m so proud of, and thankful for, about my Michael.

  1. He has an unwavering faith and a steadfast relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ.
  2. He married Kayli! Such a smart man my son is! I love her as my own, and together, we are a strong loving family.
  3. He is a mighty man of valor. He is honorable, integrous, kind, gentle, funny, warm, generous, patient, loving, forgiving and humble.
  4. He doesn’t boast about his giftings, but he doesn’t pretend he doesn’t have them either. He owns them. He’s eager to explore and develop them, and he’s generous in teaching others too.

When Michael was first starting out, I had introduced him to a famous photographer to inspire him. This guy, (I’ll call him “George”) told Michael  “he’d never be a photographer.” He was cruel and cutting. George’s own photography business was waning and later on, I was told he was in some financial distress. That didn’t stop me from nearly reaching across the table to ring George’s neck though! Yes, another mom trait. If you hurt my child, you will have to deal with me…and that will not go well with you.

But I digress. That whole meeting was so strange because it was George who invited us to meet with him! We had no idea about his situation, nor were we expecting him to be so unkind.

Still, not knowing George’s financial situation and that his root of bitterness was leaking out onto him, Michael simply remained calm and thanked George for his time. Yes, it was true that Michael was young, but that didn’t preclude him from having a gift to capture the magic of life with a lens.

When we got back into the car, Michael told me that he would never be like that. He would only encourage people and use his words to pull the gold out of them.

Yes. This is my amazing son, Michael.

You can see some of his work on Instagram @themikeko, or on his website https://thekor.us.

I’ll close with a screenshot of something he posted recently.


Yup. This is my son, Michael.

SOOOOOOOO proud and happy ☺ ☺ ☺

Do you have children? What great things are they doing? Are they putting their dreams on hold to stay home and raise amazing little ones? Are they at school? Traveling? Serving our country?

Please share your stories and pictures of your children with me! I’d love to read them!

Thanks for hanging out with me!

In joyful loving service,



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Best blog ever to hear about your wonderful son! He sounds like a treasure!

Thank you for sharing your Michael with us ! He reminds me of my youngest, John, who went to heaven, on April 16, 2016. John, too, always had a camera in hand. He saw life thru the eyes of different lenses ! He was a filmmaker for sure ! When Crohns Disease attacked his body with a vengeance, he never gave up. He couldn’t hold his camera like he used to, but was passionate about helping others not give up on their dreams. He’s making his films, in heaven, documenting musicians who died way before their time. It always broke his heart when they lost their fight to live ! I was honored to be his mom for 37 yrs. He was my hero !! 📽👑

Thank you, Zannie!

It’s a great joy to do life with you!



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