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Made For More


When Leah, a cantankerous, disillusioned hospice patient asks the seemingly perfect, “high-falutin’” Manna to tell her life story, she has no idea that she is opening Pandora’s box. Now selling in over 13 countries and transforming the lives of men and women around the world, literally.


WHEN LEAH, a cantankerous and disillusioned hospice patient asks the seemingly perfect and "high-falutin" Manna to tell her life story, she has no idea that she is opening a Pandora's box of secrets. It begins in 1960s China, when little Manna first perceives God and has her first heavenly encounter. Following her to Canada, and eventually, the United States, this autobiographical novel is the story of a little girl trapped by culture, convention, rules, societal expectation, abuse - and of the woman who had to overcome it all.


"For everyone who's ever dreamed that there was more out there (or believed in yourself when no one else would), this book may just change everything." - Phil Cooke, Media and Branding Expert, Filmmaker, Best Selling Author

"Intelligent. Timely. Moving. Enduring. Made For More is a book of great substance with far-reaching impact. You cannot read this book and not want to be a better person afterwards." - Dylan Ratigan, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Filmmaker

"The reader is completely captivated from the first page...this story will break your heart and put it back together again. Made For More is a game-changer!" - Jurgen Matthesius, Pastor, Speaker, Author of PUSH: Pray Until Something Happens


Where is God? Does He exist? Does He care? Does He really talk to us?
Unaware of His divine plan, how can we assume anything but that we are somehow being punished - or have been forgotten, when we are besieged with troubles?If you have ever wondered why bad things happen to good people, then Manna Ko's formerly untold story of childhood physical and sexual abuse, adult domestic violence, anxiety, eating disorders, depression, and loss of all kinds will startle you with its conclusions.

Now a sought-after speaker, leadership trainer and business/life strategist, Manna is a modern day Job and Joseph of the Bible, and a living example that you can have your happily ever after--even against all odds.


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