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The Hero in You: 120+ Power Tips For Writers


My assignment in writing this book is simple; to provide you with a fun resource of speedy reminders to encourage you. These tips are proven, and I am honored to share them with you. I want you to know, even if you don’t think you have gifts. Even if you were told you had none or were too afraid to dream, God has something more significant in store.

You were MADE FOR MORE™, and this book is another way to help you become the hero already inside you! God has great and mighty plans for you, my friend! No matter what you’ve been through (or are going through), your gifts will find you. Your gifts will find you. Yes, your gifts will find you.

My life’s message is simple: You are Made For MoreMORE than all the circumstances, more than all the losses, and more than all the bad, sad and mad thing of our past.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe we are MORE. Instead, we mistakenly believe that we are these mistakes and losses. Add to the fact that advertising and marketing tactics bombard us every minute of the day with countless images and messages telling what else we’re lacking – and the only we hope we have is to buy into their program.

Whether it’s social media or people in our own circles or community, it seems that someone is always trying to define us, shape us, tuck us, cut us, numb us and conform us who “they” think is the ultimate, perfect person. Yes, people mean well, but they don’t know you the way your Creator knows you.

The only way to overcome the barrage of mixed messaging is to know your true identity, own it, and then live it. When you know you really are, an indescribable courage swells within you and before you know it, you’ll not only be stepping into your destiny, you’ll be unstoppable in it.

In my book, Know Your More. Own Your More. Live Your More.™, I will show you seven Upward steps to draw the line in the sand and claim your territory. Use these seven steps to remember who you truly are, to encourage yourself, and to embolden yourself. Keep your eyes on the prize. You are destined for great and mighty things.

Now step into your destiny - Know Your More. Own Your More. Live Your More.™


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