Resolution Revolution

Happy New Year friends! 🤩

Isn’t it interesting how we always make New Year’s resolutions the first week of January? We set ambitious goals (almost always in the area of health and exercise), but come February, the gym looks just as distant as it did in September.

Why does this happen year after year?

Regardless of the goal or focus, I think part of it is because we’re excited about leaving the previous year behind, and even more excited about another chance to go after our dreams — things like having health, wealth, and happiness.

And vision casting is great; in fact, I highly encourage it!  Being healthy, wealthy, and happy is amazing. But what if these aren’t “goals” to attain as much as the results, or the fruits that come from good stewardship and wise sowing?

Health, wealth, and happiness are lifestyles, not goals.

I make this distinction because I want you to win right off the bat this New Year!

Setting New Year’s Resolutions can be a “win” – we just have to make sure we’re looking at them with the right eyes, the right perspective, and then go after them with the right mindsets.

You see, too many people set up New Year’s Resolutions as if they’re another thing “TO-DO” on their already burdensome long, long list. And having another “TO-DO” is far from exciting, empowering, or inspiring. In fact, it’s a drag. It’s deflating, and it’s defeating.

If you know me, you’ve heard me often say the path to success is in the small steps – the one-degree of change that can make a huge impact over time. If you can modify only one small aspect of your daily routine, you’ll soon find that the whole trajectory of your life has changed! Yes! It can be THAT BIG.

Moreover, taking things one little bit at a time is sooooooo good for you!

Why? Because it doesn’t create dissonance in our body, mind, and spirit; and it doesn’t create incongruence in our integrity.  By starting with little agreements, we have a greater chance of fulfilling them (keeping our word) – not just to others, but to ourselves; and hence, feeling better about ourselves.

That’s where the rubber meets the road. Always. And always first.  After all, if we can’t be in integrity with ourselves, how can we be authentic and true with others – and simultaneously ask that of them for us?

So, where do we begin? We begin with one little awareness. Repeat after me:

I will be intentional about my time.


When you are aware of the preciousness of time, you will start to make yourself a priority. You will only allow things (and people) that are healthful for you; and that will support and sustain a happy mind, body, and spirit.

This is exactly what we’re specifically focusing on at Manna for Life® as well in 2019 – creating a Happy Place where you’ll be supported and inspired to enjoy and thrive with your happy mind, happy body, and happy spirit!

In order to do that, I had to first look to see if I was in my happy place and see how I was spending my time, too!  And it was clear I needed to simplify things. In 2018, I saw dozens of doctors and specialists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, NDs, acupuncturists, therapeutic massage therapists, body workers, Traditional Chinese MDs, and had tests galore. I was also on up to 6 medications per day for a time, and was in the ER twice – once by ambulance.

My body was not happy. Neither was my mind or my spirit, for that matter. I was worn out, weary, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

Sure, I did a lot of great things: I lectured in several countries and built several new platforms, while helping others develop theirs. I also published four more books, three more journals, and wrote five of the 14 books in my children’s book series (four of which have been released at the time of this writing). And (vulnerably sharing), I needed to work through and complete some challenging (unhealthy) relationships.

It was a lot! Things needed to change.

And as soon as I got in alignment with this realization, providence moved too! Step by step, a little at a time, I began making changes; I began making choices that were much more honoring to myself – to my mind, body, and spirit.

The result?

I am SOOOOO much happier! 🤩

Yes, God blessed me greatly for all my hard work, but more importantly, He blessed me with a greater understanding of myself AND introduced me to a few “new friends” – Grace, Fun, and Ease! 😍

They’re amazing! I love their company and am really looking forward to spending more time with them!

Plus, I’m going to introduce you to them too!!

They’ve shown me how to simplify, enjoy more ease, and experience more peace and freedom.

I can’t wait to share it all with you! You’re going to love it! I promise!

So, my wonderful friends, Happy New Year to you!

Here’s to your new companions this year: Grace, Fun, and Ease; 😁 and here’s to your happy mind, happy body, and happy spirit!!

Your cheerleader, fan, and friend 😊








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This is amazing Manna! Thank you for your transparency and sharing this revelation! In 2018 God brought me to the end of myself to show me a better way. He’s turned my life and perspective around and I am so grateful! I’m super excited for what is too come and thankful for My Happy Place. ❤️🙌

I love the perspective of being consistent in the little changes that create huge change and benefits over time. Also love Grace, Fun, and Ease…. can’t wait to take them with me where I go!


Manna, I love how easy and natural it is to relate to you! I would love to know more about these children’s books and journals. Love you!

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