Shine On


“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it.” – Thomas Fuller


I love this quote. 


Too many people claim to be gurus, self-appointed coaches, or philosophers, and you see it everywhere, especially in all the social media platforms. 


Sometimes the information given comes from a solid foundation of learning, study and skill. Other times it’s just heated opinion and not “good” knowledge at all. Unfortunately, this misinformation (or incomplete information) can lead innocent people down crazy rabbit holes and into further darkness.


However, knowledge that leads us to the exquisitely painful process of developing wisdom, however, can be that very light for others. 


I always do my best to ensure that when I share a message, I am offering something insightful and something that is truly of value. 


So many people claim to be gurus or self appointed coaches or philosophers, especially within all the social media platforms. Sometimes the information given comes from a solid foundation of learning, but sometimes it doesn’t – it’s just opinion and not “good” knowledge at all. And this can lead innocent people down crazy rabbit holes and further into darkness.


Knowledge that leads us to the exquisitely painful process of learning wisdom, however, can be that light for others.


Ignorant (in the truest sense of that word) opinions, and partial truths (exploited as Truth) cannot be light for others. They can only dull, darken, and send others down treacherous and ever bleaker paths.


I know I’m talkin’ to the choir   🙂 


In this article, I simply want to be a reminder about the responsibility we have as leadersand we’re all leaders.


There are people who look to us for guidance, help, and answers. We can’t be flippant or casual with this privilege.


So, today, let’s be more sensitive with how we respond to others – whether it’s in a text, email, or in conversation.


Let’s be more aware of what others are asking – look beyond the words they’re using.


And let’s be better at learning ourselves so that we can be worthy of one who casts vision, hope, and possibility to others.


Shine baby shine!




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