The Magic of a Grateful Heart


A hardened heart or a jaded perspective doesn’t come in an instant. It happens a little at a time. We become conditioned by what we hear, what we see on the news, and what we’re told we’re missing by advertising agencies and proficient marketers.

Even if we think we’re immune to these outside influences, at the very least, we are oblivious to the beauty of all our blessings because we are so focused on our tasks, duties, and the 7 projects strewn across our desk.

Slowly, we fall into what appears to be “normal” (unrest, dissatisfaction, idolizing, desiring immediate gratification etc), but is not “natural” (contentment, appreciation, a thankful heart, the beauty of nature, the meaning of love etc).

Normal may not be natural, and what’s natural is not often normal by society’s standards these days.

As I was spending time in my morning devotions, I came across this story and I want to share it with you as well.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂 

Priest to a beggar: “God give you a good day, my friend.”

Beggar: “I thank God I have never had a bad one.”

Priest with surprise: “God give you a happy life then, my friend.”

Beggar: “I thank God I am never unhappy.”

Priest in amazement: “What do you mean?”

Beggar: “Well, when it is good weather, I thank God; when it rains, I thank God; when I have food, I thank God; when I am hungry, I thank God. Since God’s will is my will, and whatever pleases him pleases me, I am happy always.”

Priest in astonishment: “Who are you?”

Beggar: “I am a king.”

Priest: “Where is your kingdom?”

The beggar answered quietly, “In my heart.”

Where is your kingdom today?

Today, my wish for you is to see beauty in all that’s around you, to know that miracles are unfolding in all that you do, and for the richness of the treasures in the simple things to bless you beyond measure.

In joyful loving service,


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wow!!! God’s leading is wonderful I cannot believe because I join the fan club for the first time ever in my life ( oh & by the way I just adore/love Anson Mount, & Hell on Wheels) that it lead to your posting I enjoyed the Devotional & will share it with my son … I also want to get your book…. God is so good… He is leading is direct , his timing is perfect … DD.
To God be the Glory! I don’t know your story but thank you for being brave to share it…

Dear Diane,

Thank you for taking the time to write!! 🙂 It’s wonderful to hear from you! “Made For “More” is reaching people of all ages and backgrounds and I pray that it will bless you also 🙂 Yes, to God the glory! God bless you mightily 🙂 xox, Manna

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