Things I Need to Tell You...


Hi friends!

Do you have some special people in your life that when you think about them, you exhale with gratitude?

And when you think about them, do you also simultaneously experience joy and relief? Joy because you share an amazing friendship together, and relief because you know they’re right beside you doing life with you.

If you do, here are 14 things you can say to them today.

You can write an email or send a text with nothing but these words. Or call and just say these words. Or better yet, write a handwritten note with one (or more) of these different sentiments! It seems the only things we get in the mail are bills or junk mail. So, a handwritten note can be an extra special treat – especially if it’s to someone you live with at home! It’s the last thing they’d expect – something special in the mailbox, just for them from you! ☺

These are only a few thoughts that come to mind. Read them slowly and take it all in.

I’m saying these to you, too ☺


14 things I need to tell you today

    1. You are amazing.

    2. You inspire me.

    3. You are kind and thoughtful.

    4. You ought to receive a Peace Prize for being one of the most awesome humans ever!

    5. My life is so much richer because of you.

    6. Thank you for showing dignity and honor to everyone – even when it’s challenging to do so.

    7. I wish I met you when I was born. Then I would have always had a friend by my side.

    8. Thank you for making laughing-snorts a major win in my daily life.

    9. I wish I could spend more time with you.

    10. Did you know that when you smile, your eyes do too?

    11. Sometimes I think about you 44 times per day – per hour even! And when I do, I thank God for you.

    12. You are so, so, so, SOOOOO beautiful through and through.

    13. God must really love me because He gave me “you” as my friend.

    14. I love you.


I’m blessed and thankful for you!


In joyful loving service,

Manna Ko

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These are so, so wonderful. I am writing them in my journal so that I will have them handy all the time. Thank you, thank you for starting Monday off with such beautiful words. XOXO – Beth

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