You Influencer, You


Did you know YOU are a great influencer and a great leader?

Whether you’re in your 20’s or 90’s, every moment of your day you are teaching and leading someone. There are people all around you who watch you and how you choose to initiate and/or respond to a situation daily – at the gas station, how you treat a cashier or server at a restaurant, when you’re in line and someone tries to cut in, or when a friend tells you a secret – something vulnerable and sacred to their heart.

How do we demonstrate character in these moments?

How do we steward this great mantle of leadership and influence?

Some may think this is over-kill. After all, it’s just a moment of frustration, or a foolish comment. Yes, this is true. We all have these moments; and we all make mistakes (I have made p-l-e-n-t-y!). But are these random situational “oops;” or are they character issues that need to be addressed?  Either way, the point is, do we take responsibility for our actions and course-correct?

I don’t think we understand the great mantle of this gift of being an influencer and of being a leader. Yes, we have been given great liberty, but how are we using this freedom?

Selfishly? Casually? Carelessly?

Or responsibly?

If we could begin to understand the weight of our words and actions, I believe the world would be a different place.

You may not think you can change the world, but I do.

Start with one person at a time in “your” own world, and watch how each person you touch can also impact the people in their lives.

We are all leaders; and we must be conscious and responsible with this gift. We must ask ourselves, what are we teaching? And is this worthy of your dignity, your precious time on earth, and of those who are watching and learning from us?

So, today, let’s really understand the magnitude of our position and lead well. “A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” John Maxwell.

How will you be a great leader today?




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