You (Yes, You) Are Made For More™!


Hi all! I am so excited about all the fun things we have been up to at Manna for Life, but even though things are full speed ahead for 2019, I want to take a step back and review the building blocks of what it means to be made for more.

I think what makes my work so important and rewarding is hearing stories of members who have been transformed by all the Made for More™ principles I teach. The ideas aren’t complicated, but the application (!) – the application is what will unlock the hidden potential your heart and soul have been longing to see come to fruition in your life.

“Altruism is seldom encountered – the giving of oneself compassionately to connect with others is an unselfish act.

Manna Ko does just that when walks amongst her peers.”​​​​​​​

Sally W., San Diego, CA



I started this community to help you not only come to understand and resolve some of the events that have shaped you, but to find your purpose, your calling, and have the fire and passion of your heart be ignited again.

So how do you get started? Here’s a quick overview of the four building blocks to being Made for More™ and fulfilling your untapped potential:

1.Understanding your identity.
Knowing who you truly are is vital to embracing your destiny and a life full of freedom and joy.

2. Discovering your gifts.
Gaining a grasp of your gifting is an important ingredient to living with confidence and sharing the gift of who you are with the world.

3. Answering your calling.
Boldly take a hold of your calling: the expression of your gifts. Living your calling is how you take your dreams and make them a reality.

4. Thriving in your community.
Community is where your identity is expressed, your gifts are an opportunity to touch the lives of others, and your calling is carried out.

Dear friend, I love you and want to resource you so you can be set free! Have you taken my free Made For More™ course yet? Click here to get the course today and start discovering your “more.”

Here’s to you stepping into the fullness of your destiny in 2019!


In joyful loving service,

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